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Here Is a Selection Of Our Top UK Horse Racing Tipsters & Products

Racecard Reader

I just came across this very interesting horse betting software. I tested it out yesterday and of the 9 tips I got over 4 separate meets, 8 were winners! There are even more tips for you here…

Ron Williams Racing.

Ron is a full-time professional horse racing expert and gambler, who devotes a lot of time, effort and energy to remaining one step ahead of the bookies with one aim: To make you a profit from horse racing. Job Done!!

Each-Way Leader

Each Way Leader is proof that quality triumphs over quantity when it comes to betting on the horses. Every evening, he sends out just 1 or 2 tips to back with a 1pt each way bet for the following day’s action at average odds of 9/1.

Bet Filter

Fully Automated Winnings Today’s Winning Selections Here’s WHY this is so Top Secret… The bookies are afraid of YOU, here’s why…

Punters United

I could impress you all day long with stats and tell you how Punters United is absolutely killing it at the race track…

Open Be Win

Great News! Open Bet Win is now officially LIVE! This groundbreaking service has just been unleashed! Blake Sibbett has gone rogue ....

Horse Network Tipster

Every evening, Harry will send you an email with his tips for the following day’s racing. He’ll send anywhere between 4 and 10 tips and he’ll drop you an email whether there are tips or not.

Race King

I have been providing successful horse racing products for years. The success of our members is my number 1 priority and there is no better feeling than making members profit and hearing about their success.

Elite Betting Syndicate

Elite Betting Syndicate is a team of betting professionals established in 2009. With backgrounds in race horse ownership and statistical analysis, we provide the necessary experience and expertise to deliver.

The Racing King

The Racing King is an experienced professional horse racing tipster that has operated since 1st May 2017. During that time the service has generated £3760 of profit to £10 per pt.

Trading Methods

We have put together a trading instructional manual for those wanting to know how to trade on Betfair. Now many people trade on Betfair without understanding the market dynamics, and subsequently fail to capitalise on what the markets really have to offer.

Thoroughbred Betting

Here at Thoroughbred Betting, our sole aim is to make you money! We use our expert knowledge, racing experience and wealth of industry contacts to produce impressive profits.

Pro Betting Club

The Pro Betting Club is a team of professional gambling experts and horse racing tipsters who have been providing customers with successful betting information for many years .....

Big Odds Tipster

I've been making steady profits placing simple yet highly profitable bets on all UK horse racing. I make roughly £15k - £25k per year from these bets. This is from £5 each way and £10 win stakes.

Don's Daily Tips

You can expect to receive up to 4 tips a day, 6 days a week - Monday to Saturday. I only give out information which i feel offers true value, and i don't tip for the sake of sending tips out. 100% Money Back Guarantee

Strike Rate Racing

We are a team of highly experienced Professional Tipsters who earn ourselves and our subscribers a living through horse racing tips and betting, and we are happy to do the same for you.We are well known and highly throughout the bookmaking and tipster world.



The Midas Method

With the Midas Method formula all the painstaking hard work has been done for you. This is the ultimate "Cheats" way of betting. Its so EASY you will be laughing to yourself as you sit back.....

When we take a look at a new Tipster we tend to tread carefully. We don’t go blazing in with large bets until we have proofed and Paper Checked their Tipping Service for at least a couple of weeks. 
However we or someone we know  have already done this for all the above services!!

If Horse Racing is not your bag, don’t worry, take a look at these guys……  

Ultimate Football Tips

Anel, who runs Ultimate Football Tips, focuses on finding high value in the notoriously difficult football betting markets. Launched in the middle of 2018, Anel has managed to grow a small starting bank of 75pts by a staggering 128.41%.

Pro Greyhound Tips

We know you’ve probably been ripped off all too often before. And that’s exactly why it’s time for you to get onboard with Michael’s greyhound racing service, it has a proven track record dating back to 2014!What are you waiting for?

Football Betting

You’ll receive Yasheel’s tips every morning, confident that an expert has analysed all the team stats, form, and betting opportunities so you just spend two minutes per day placing the bets and counting your winnings.

Golf Betting Expert

Craig been Tipping since the start of 2016 with a promise of making a regular profit for people such as yourself by hitting big winners on the golf… It’s safe to say that he’s achieved that goal and more with winners at 40/1, 70/1 and even 100/1!

Pro NHL Betting Tips

With a simple annual fee to cover the entire season, Top NHL Betting Tip is your go-to expert NHL betting expert who is ready to provide you with winner after winner for the full NHL season. Are you ready to begin profiting with Akshay’s help?

Football Acca Tipster

Boris from Football Acca Tipster spends his time every day researching and analysing the day’s football action so he can carefully select games to roll into lucrative accumulators. It’s this specialised system that has enabled him and his...